The ML-FM is the first SMART frame mounted picture light and the newest product from Method Lights. The ML-FM Frame Mounted Picture Light with Remote Control has a patented LED system that is 95+ CRI and color temperature control from 2700K to 7000K so you can create the perfect light for your art warm or cool. The ML-FM can be plugged in but it can also be battery operated and comes with a Rechargeable Battery Pack there is no need to buy expensive batteries that last only a few hours. It has a dimmer control for the ideal light intensity. The ML-FM has an automatic 3 hour shut off that can be extended to up to 6 hours on the remote and it has a 24 hour repeat cycle. The ML-FM has two memory settings allowing you to program your light for different times of day. The ML-FM is a very attractive contemporary design that comes in a matte black finish but is paintable to suit any situation. It installs in minutes and includes all the hardware required.

  • Color Rendering Index (CRI): 95+
  • Adjustable Lens: Small or Large Beam
  • Color Tempetature: Adjustable 2700K to 7000K
  • Timer: 3 hr. automatic shut off
    3 or 6 hr. delay
    24 Hr. Repeat Timer
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack: Charger Included
  • Dimmer: Ideal lighting intensity
  • Finish: Matte. ceiling white (Paintable)
  • Installs in minutes – all hardware included
  • Lamp Life: 50.000 hours

ML-FM Frame Mounted Picture Light with Remote Control, Wireless Art Light.

Bring Out Warm or Cool Colors with Our Patented Adjustable Color Temperature: 2700K to 7000k.

Daylight Quality Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 95+ and Safe for Any Type of Art.

Battery Operated, Comes with Rechargeable Battery Pack and Exclusive charging System so You Never have to Remove it from the Wall.

Installs in minutes – all hardware included Lamp Life: 50,000 hours, Finish: Matte Black (Paintable)