Affiliate Artist

To become a Perfect Art Lights Affiliate you must be a professional art instructor with at least three years of experience and teach at least two classes per year. There are many benefits including; helping your students, making money and even getting a free sample.


Help Your Students

Lighting is a huge issue for every artist. Artist can waste hundreds of dollars on ineffective lighting systems that do not work. So help your students by providing them with a real solution.

Make Money

All you have to do is tell your students about our products and show how you use them. If they purchase any of our lights, based on this, then you will make a commission. More importantly you will be providing them with a solutions to a very a real problem.

Free Sample

Instructors that qualify and that are willing to provide some additional information will get a demo light for FREE. Any affiliate will get 100% of the purchase price back after sales.

1. Our Affiliate Program is very simple. You get a commission for each sale. You do not have to buy anything or be responsible for any inventory. All you have to do is…

  • Fill out the application and get a demo unit.
  • Use your Method Light as you paint
  • Once you see how useful it is, you integrate it into your lessons.
  • During your classes you show how beneficial Method Lights are
  • You give your students a card with our website on it
  • The card has a discount code for free shipping
  • Every time your code is entered you get a commission
  • Your commission is transferred to your PayPal each month.
  • You can guarantee your students that they cannot buy Method Lights for any less than this website sells it for and there is a 100% guarantee on the products.

2). You must use a demo unit in your instruction to be an Affiliate. Demo units are sold at a discounted price to approved instructors. However, you can get a FREE demo unit by following the instructions below.

  • Fill out the Affiliate Application
  • Once approved you will have an account/profile
  • Request a demo unit. (You will have to provide a CC but it will not be charged)
  • You will provide a minimum 500-word blog/testimonial and supporting pictures within a 30-day period from when you receive your light.
  • You can receive a second demo unit for FREE if you provide a video of the light being used in your class.
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